Aruna, Bobobox, and Halodoc became the Startup Pilihan Tempo 2019

PT Tempo Inti Media Tbk. held Startup Pilihan Tempo 2019. The event, which entered its third year was held in collaboration with Digitaraya and Gojek.

Tempo Editor in Chief, Budi Setyarso said the Startup Pilihan Tempo 2019 was quite different from the previous year. For one thing, this year the judges were brought in from various representatives, both from the players and the regulators.

“We partnered with Gojek and we were assisted by judges from the Ministry of Communication and Information, Google, McKinsey and UBS. Therefore, we believe the selected startups are the best in their respective categories,” Budi said in his remarks at the awarding ceremony, at M Bloc Space, South Jakarta, Sunday November 3rd 2019.

Budi explained, for this year there were three categories contested in this event. These three are “Best Social Impact”, “Best Newcomer” and “People’s Choice”. In this event, the committee received hundreds of applicants from startups who submitted themselves.

The judges then chose ten startups to win the three categories. The chosen ten startups were invited to present the company in front of the judges, and then the judges assessed the company.

From the selection of the judges, the winners of each category were Aruna as the winner of the Best Social Impact category, Bobobox as the winner of the Best Newcomer category and the People’s Choice category belonged to Halodoc.

Aruna is an e-commerce startup engaged in fisheries. Bobobox is a startup engaged in accommodation or hospitality services. Halodoc is a startup which is engaged in health services.


Original post by Dias Prasongko on Tempo

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